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At Keegans, we are committed to empowering both seasoned philanthropists and new clients with the tools and insights needed to create a meaningful difference in society and the environment. Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to guide you through the process of harnessing your assets to drive positive chan resources with causes that resonate deeply with your values.

Strategic Planning

Customized philanthropic strategy development aligned with the client's values, interests, & long-term goals.

Comprehensive analysis of social issues & identification of high-impact areas for philanthropic investment.

Structuring Philanthropy

Expert advice on structuring and optimizing charitable donations to maximize tax benefits and impact.

Recommendations for creating and managing family foundations, donor-advised funds, and other charitable vehicles.

Impact Assessment & Evaluation

Designing measurement frameworks to evaluate the effectiveness and outcomes of philanthropic initiatives.

Regular progress tracking and reporting to demonstrate the impact of donations and investments.

Gift & Grantmaking Management

End-to-end management of grantmaking processes, including identifying potential grantees, due diligence, and proposal evaluation.

Monitoring and oversight of funded projects to ensure alignment with philanthropic goals.

Partnership Facilitation

Connecting clients with other like-minded philanthropists, NGOs, and institutions for collaborative efforts and co-funding opportunities.

Next Generation Philanthropy

Designing educational programs to involve the next generation in philanthropic activities and instil a sense of responsibility and family cohesiveness.

Impact Investing Consultation

Guidance on leveraging investment capital to create positive social and environmental outcomes while generating financial returns.

Development of impact investment strategies and portfolio management.

Legacy Planning 

Assisting clients in defining their philanthropic legacy and ensuring the continuity of their philanthropic efforts across generations.

Thought Leadership

In-depth research on global challenges, emerging trends, and innovative solutions to inform strategic philanthropic decisions.

Do you want to put some of your wealth to good use and make the world a better place? We would be happy to advise you.


"A trusted advisor who carefully managed a very significant family gift in support of a cause we care deeply about - the future of children's physical and mental health."

Client from the UAE*

"Gary's technical expertise and guidance have enabled  more strategic and impactful giving through our Family Office."

Client from Switzerland*

"Personalized approach helped bring our family together around philanthropy that we all care about. Fostered a sense of purpose and unity that we are thrilled with."

Client from Singapore*

"Not only helped us identify philanthropic opportunities that resonated with our family but also provided us with a road-map to maximize the impact of our giving."

Client from the UK *

* Client references provided on request 


Gerald Patrick Keegan

CEO & Managing Director

"Our primary objective is always to be clients most trusted advisor in matters of strategic philanthropy and to ensure our clients reach their most important philanthropic goals. We have extensive first-hand experience of the practicalities of implementing the effective planning, execution, management and evaluation of structured programs of philanthropy at the highest levels worldwide. Our deep sector experience is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients." 
At Keegans, we are pleased to provide client references on request.
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